I caught you wearing my panties!


You didn't realize I had come home early, deviating from my daily routine that made you feel comfortable enough to go into the sanctity of my bedroom. With my bedroom door closed behind you, you sat on the edge of my bed -- completely naked except for one item of clothing.

You were wearing my panties.

They were my favorite pair -- lacy, baby-pink cheeky bottoms. I had just worn them the night before, while I was on a date with my boyfriend. They were heavily moistened when I returned home that night, nearly soaked with my juices. When you found them in my hamper, they were still slightly damp, and you couldn't resist the urge to bring them to your face and inhale my natural fragrance. Feeling my wet, worn panties in your hands while you sniffed them made your pulse quicken, as you envisioned your face buried between my legs, smelling and licking my perfect, dripping pussy. You stripped your clothes off in my room without hesitation, and stepped into the leg holes of the delicate-yet-stretchy lace fabric, sliding my panties up your legs and over your hips.

Your arousal was critical, with your erection raging against my panties, stretching the lace as it aggressively stuck out in front of you. The sensation of the lace caressing your skin, and the wetness of the areas that had once touched mine, drove you wild. Caught up in the excitement and sexual thrill of trying on my wet underpants, you didn't notice that I had opened my door.

I stood there, watching you for a few silent moments while you reveled in the ecstasy of your kinky, secret activity.

I watched you quietly as you touched your throbbing boner through the feminine, pinky-lacy material. You laid back across my bed with your eyes closed, and your mouth slightly open in a look of pleasure that conveyed just how good it felt when you rubbed your cock through the fabric of my panties. I continued to peep through the slighly-opened door as you pulled your rock-hard dick out of the leghole of my underwear, pushing the crotch part to the side until your rod thrust outward. 

You began stroking your hard cock in front of me, still not realizing that I was watching you through the bedroom door. Your hand gripped your member firmly as you started slowly jerking off, sensually, while you rubbed my lacy panties against your skin with your other hand. Your eyes were closed while you moaned softly, tugging on your throbbing dick with increasing speed. The whole scenario only lasted a couple minutes longer. You were just so turned on that you couldn't hold back while you pounded your hard dick with one hand and sliding your other into the lacy waistband of the panties you still wore. 

I watched you quietly as you arched your back and let out a deep, primal groan. Your balls started to twitch and tremble behind the taught material of my pretty pink panties, and your cock swelled and hardened intensely under the pressure building up inside of you. As you let out the loud, deep moan, it happened.

I watched as you quickly stuffed your painfully-rock-hard dick back inside of the comfort of my panties. You stuffed your free hand into the front of them, through the waistband, and continued pumping your rod aggressively. My bedroom echoed with the sounds of your deep breathing and passionate grunts as you let go, allowing yourself to orgasm into my panties. Your massive load of cum soaked through the lacy, delicate fabric of my underwear while you continued to shoot thick, creamy ropes into them. I watched as my moist panties became soaking wet with your jizz, mixing with the pussy juices that had soaked into them when I wore them the night before. 

I quietly closed the door before you could open your eyes and sit up to see that I had caught you wearing my panties. I didn't want to ruin the fun -- and truth be told, I was a little aroused by secretly watching you, as you believed that you were all alone. It turns me on to know that you had no idea that I had caught you wearing my panties, that I had caught you jerking your cock into them and soaking them with your hot, wet nut. I pretended to not know that you took my panties off and put them right back into my hamper, soaked with your cum. I've even began leaving my panties lying around the apartment, "by accident," so that you may discover them while I am gone. One of these days I might walk in and catch you directly, but until that day comes I'll continue to enjoy this secret, kinky game.

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