All About Erotica: The Consumption and Enjoyment of X-rated Literature

Erotica as a form of literature has existed for just about as long as humans could transcribe their innermost thoughts and desires. It's a safe and intellect-stimulating form of sexual expression that remains tremendously popular -- especially with the rise of self-published erotica on Amazon and other platforms. From the very first recorded erotic poem in 21st Century B.C.e., Mesopotamia, to the newest, most modern forms of adult literature, humans love to consume and enjoy written sexual content. Avid consumers of erotica also claim that reading x-rated literature benefits them in many ways. 

Sexual Awareness & Other Possible Benefits of Enjoying Erotica

One way that reading erotica might benefit you, is by increasing your sexual awareness. The more your horizons are expanded, and the more you are exposed to different creative scenarios and themes, the more likely you are to become further aware of your own sexuality -- as well as the sexual needs of your partner(s). Reading erotica could also inspire your own inner sex god (or goddess), and give you the creativity you may need to improve your own bedroom performance. This could help spice up relationships that are stuck in a sexual routine, or it could boost your confidence for when you're single and out on the prowl for new sexual partners. Consuming erotica can also be a form of stress relief, much like watching pornographic movies and masturbating are. 

In fact, there are scientific studies which suggest that reading erotica could boost feel-good chemicals in the brain, which result in stress relief.  A study conducted by York University found that reading erotica triggers feelings of happiness and helps switch feelings of stress to those of arousal. This is a phenomenon known as the misattribution of arousal, and it essentially helps you trick your brain into thinking your current anxiety is sexual attraction. This could potentially lower stress hormones. 

Myths About Erotica

One common myth about the consumption of erotica is that women tend to enjoy erotic literature more than men. While this may seem the case with the popularity of book series such as Fifty Shades of Grey, it's just not true. According to Big Think, a 2016 study on the effects of erotica on men and women found that there's really no difference between the sexes. Men and women tested in the study reacted equally aroused when given x-rated literature to read.

Another common myth is that reading erotica creates problems in romantic relationships. While it could be said that some people have strong opinions against erotica, overall, the consumption of it has shown to improve libido and strengthen bonds between couples who are open to exploring it. Erotica also isn't always super explicit or "vulgar" according to other myths. Erotic literature can be tasteful, romantic -- and even classy. 

Some of Your Favorite Mainstream Authors Write Erotica

You might be surprised to learn that some of your favorite authors also write erotic literature under pseudonyms -- or pen names. One popular author who wrote x-rated literature was the late Anne Rice of the tremendously popular Vampire Chronicles. Rice wrote several erotic works under the name A.N. Roquelaure. Another popular author who writes erotica under a pen name is Dean Koontz, who has published dozens of erotic novels with his wife -- departing from the comfort of the thriller/mystery genre. 

Reading (and Writing) Erotica

There are numerous places to read erotica from free and affordable self-published works on Amazon Kindle, to long-trusted websites such as Literotica. There are even blogs that feature creatively written erotic stories. If you'd like to be an erotica writer yourself, you should first have some kind of working knowledge of how to write (such as good grammar and spelling). But the most important thing you need is creativity and the ability to paint an explicit picture using words alone. It's really not as difficult as it sounds, and some blogs and websites accept submissions -- which gives you a lot of good practice while you hone your talents as an erotica writer.

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