The Best Adult Entertainment in Las Vegas


Whether you're visiting Las Vegas or a local to the city, knowing about some of the best adult entertainment in the area can provide you with hours of enjoyment. There are adult toy shops, arcades, strip clubs and even swingers clubs here in Sin City. The best adult entertainment in Las Vegas can be found in the following list.

The Peppermint Hippo

Obviously the name is a satirical take on The Spearmint Rhino, but this is a rather popular strip club in Las Vegas. It's also easy to take advantage of all it has to offer because it's literally open 24-7. It never closes.

Fantasy World Adult Toy Store & Theater

There are a lot of mixed reviews on this place, and by some standards Fantasy World might be considered a bit sleazy. However, if you're looking for some sexual entertainment on the cheap, the theater is very affordable -- and there are quite a few interesting reviews about the theater specifically if you care to look them up. The store selection itself is pretty impressive, and there is even a wide range of movies to purchase or "rent" in viewing booths. If you (either solo or with a partner) want to have an adventurous and dirty experience in Las Vegas, then check this place out.

The Green Door

An article about the best adult entertainment in Las Vegas wouldn't be complete without mentioning The Green Door -- or The Red Rooster for that matter. Both of these "social clubs" are notorious in Las Vegas for being sex clubs for swingers and lovers of exhibitionism and voyeurism. Couples are, obviously, preferred to attend these clubs, making them fun adventurous ideas for couples who are looking for adult entertainment in Las Vegas.

Private Adult Entertainment & Escorts

Las Vegas is home to several home adult entertainment and escort services -- most of which offering safe, convenient topless dancers directly to your motel room or home. Keep in mind, however, that prostitution itself is illegal within Las Vegas, so don't expect much more than a lap dance from these outcall escort services.

There are numerous other sources for adult entertainment in Las Vegas, but by far the most notable are the ones mentioned above. If you can think of any others, then please sound off in the comments!

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